Canada Calls For National Strategy to Improve Mental Health Services

As per recent reports, it has been reported that Canada has called out for the first national health strategy, which aims at revamping the mental health system for youth and children. It has been illustrated that the department is in a much need of repair. Moreover, it has been subjected that the department is also falling too short of funding.

It has been proposed that the strategy, which is to be launched by Tuesday, will be emphasizing on making treatment for the prevention of mental illness a national priority. It has been termed that the condition is the major cause behind the increasing number of cases of disabilities in Canada.

Moreover, it has been illustrated that the strategy will also take into account mental health of employees and will also introduce reforms to improve assistance for mental ailments and also proper treatment and services, as it has been recovered that only one-third of adults and one in four children are able to avail mental health services in Canada.

Former Liberal Senator Michael Kirby, who was the recent Head of the Mental Health Commission of Canada, said “The system can become significantly more efficient and effective without having to spend a whole lot more money; which is not to say it doesn't need money, it does”.