Main Component for Dementia Treatments Found

Main Component for Dementia Treatments FoundAs per a research, which has been published in the Journal of Neuroscience, it has been revealed that a group of researchers from the University of Queensland's Brain Institute is quite close to developing therapies for dementia.

Researchers were of the view that they have discovered a molecule, known as fractalkine, which is being produced by nerve cells. These molecules are capable of producing new neurons and are also capable of reversing ageing process, which is known as microglia.

Lead researcher Dr. Jana Vukovic said that ageing has devastating effects on nerve cells and they also reduce the brain capability of forming new cells. “Ageing slows the production of new nerve cells, reducing the brain's ability to form new memories”, he further affirmed.

He further affirmed that they have conducted a research on mice, which has lead them reach at a conclusion that fractalkine, which is released in the hippocampus, is responsible from memory and learning.

The institute's Director, Perry Bartlett, said that there are quite bright chances that fractalkine could be used in many therapies to treat dementia. Jana said that they are so excited to know about eth recent findings and are sure that they will be able to delay dementia for a significant time period among people.