Young Adults Overlook Skin-Cancer Warnings, Claims CDC

Skin-CancerIt seems people are taking skin cancer too lightly as they aren’t bothered too much about protecting their skin from the scorching sun radiations. It was found during a government survey conducted by CDC that 50% of the of US adults under the age of 30 have suffered from sunburns at least once in last year, thereby indicating that there is lot to be done to keep one aware about the dire consequences of sun exposure. Adding to the concerns, women in their 20s are approaching tanning salons two times in a single month, despite all the warnings issues against such tanning salons.

It is actually becoming very confusing where such people are heading to? Despite knowing what their skin can suffer from, they are avoiding sun protection. If health experts are to be heard, one blistering burn can escalate the risk of developing melanoma by two times, thereby making it all the more clear that there could be some serious concerns in the offing for those who are overlooking the warnings issued.

The rising rate of sunburn has actually shocked Dr. Marcus Plescia, Director of the CDC's Division of Cancer Prevention and Control, who is of the view that there is lot to be done to make sure that the scary situation is controlled within limits.