Too Much Money Being Spent On Sleeping Pills, Reveals Report

Sleeping-PillsIt has been recently revealed in a report that Britain has so far spent as much as 50 million pounds for sleeping pills. This is according to the latest figures revealed which are of the view that the people of the country are addicted to sleeping pills and this has cost the country a lot.

The report was revealed by the NHS Business Services Authority. It was of the view that about 152primary care trusts have so far spent a sum of 49.2 million pounds, for the sleeping pills in the years 2010-11.

"Sleep patterns can be affected by physical or psychological factors and the continued economic downturn is a likely cause for the increased use of sleeping pills because of the stress, anxiety and worry levels people face due to job insecurity or money worries”, said NHS official Mandeep Mudhar. One of the reasons for the same has definitely been recession.

There is need for the government to make such effective policies for the economic stability of the country so that it doesn’t have to face problems in the time to come. There is need for more efforts to be made for creating further job opportunities for people, so that they don’t have to suffer at the hands of economic distress.