Doctors’ Union to Vote to Decide Whether to Take Up Industrial Action against Pension Reforms

PensionAs per recent reports, it is being worried that if GPs and doctors take up an industrial action by next month, then all appointments and operations will be cancelled.

It is being subjected that it is nearly after 40 years that doctors and GPs will be going on a strike. However, it has been termed that the decision for industrial action to be implemented or not will be based on voting process, which is to be carried out from today.

British Medical Association, the doctors’ union, illustrated that government reforms left them with no other option except top take up this step. It has been revealed that government has ordered that it will no more be providing pensions to doctors or GPs.

It has been unveiled that though the doctors are declaring an all-out strike, they will consider emergency cases. Detailed reports suggest that will turn up for their work as normal, but will not be considering any of the cases that can be safely postponed.

However, this is a huge concern for the widespread patients.

Katherine Murphy, chief executive of the Patients’ Association said, “These protests will bring the NHS to its knees and endanger patients. It’s a huge risk to patients. It’s difficult enough to see a GP as it is. This action would be extreme”.