BMA Wales Calls for Attention over Other Issues Instead Of Language Concerns

BMAIn a recent report, it has been confirmed by the British Medical Association Wales that there is need to make efforts in the direction of reducing waiting times and roping in more staff members to sort the existing problems.

“The time, and financial situation, is not right for imposing language duties on NHS organisations aiming to deliver world-class healthcare, but which in reality are many light-years away from that”, said the report. While there is so much being said about making efforts to deal with the issue of Welsh language in health and social care, it is believed that there are a lot many other factors which can actually make things a lot better for patients.

While the NHS is battling with range of issues, there is need to draw a line between what is urgent and what is not else things could become a lot worrisome for patients. It is believed that in case the Welsh Government imposed some form of requirement to speak Welsh, there could be a lot more discomfort which would directly impact recruitment of doctors.

Nonetheless, it is believed that the Welsh Government would consider all possible factors, including the views of doctors, before making the final call in the same context.