NZ Sees Lowest Number of Births This Year

NZ Sees Lowest Number of Births This YearIt has been found through a report recently that New Zealand has realized the lowest number of births in last five years.

As per the data revealed in the end of March, 2012, the number of newborns taking birth from women of age group 30-34 years was less by four per 1000 this year as compared to the last year. Also, the babies from
25 to 29 years age group were five per thousand less than the number previously noted.

Statistics New Zealand has reported that while the number of births is reducing year by year, the number of deaths on the other hand is mounting notably.

The figure has increased by 2%, as per the findings, and is the highest number in merely a year as against the figures revealed since 1952. It has been told that the same is the most probable result of the growing older population.

According to the Statistics, the trend being seen is not only the case of only one region, but it has reached each corner of the country except for Otago and the West Coast. It is being said that the fall in the number of births may have a high influence on future size and age of the country’s population.