Decline in Number of Elderly People Getting Free Home Care

Decline in Number of Elderly People Getting Free Home CareThere has been a sheer decline in the number of elderly people who have been getting free home care. One of the reasons for this decline could be laid on the rise in the cost of carers across the country. The care for elderly includes home visits to help the elderly, wash and dress. While this service was free in Tower Hamlets in London, the same care cost £21.50 in Brighton and Hove. There has also been a rise in average hourly charges by 10%. It has risen from £12.29 to £13.61 which has also put extra burden on the local authorities.

One of the other reasons for the fall in people receiving health and social charity could also be a result of public spending cuts. The survey which was done in 120 councils showed that the home care for more than 7,000 people was paid by their local authority.

This is a drop of 11% since 2009. According to Liz Kendall, shadow care and older people minister, the cost of home care is unnecessary and is just a tactics to get tax from the most vulnerable in society. She added, "These services are a lifeline for older and disabled people, and crucial to help them stay living independently in their own homes".