Studies Going on To Find Alzheimer’s Cure

AlzheimerAs per reports, it has been revealed that scientist across the globe have been working to find out ways by which they can stall the progression of Alzheimer's disease among patients. Recently, an international study has taken place, which aims to check that whether their prepared drug is able to halt the disease or not.

The drug is specially meant for people, who have the disease in their genes. If the test results are positive, then it will be a big relief for people, who have Alzheimer's running in their family. In addition, another study has also been done in which a nasal spray has been made.

The spray provides direct insulin to the brain and tries to bring a decline in the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. Even the Obama administration has also announced that they have been thinking to take out a national strategy, which aims to find effective solutions to the problem.

Dr. Francis Collins, who is the Director of the National Institutes of Health, said that so many studies are going on in regard to Alzheimer's disease. It seems that they will be able to get a fantastic and workable treatment and that too soon. "We are at an exceptional moment”, he further affirmed.