BMA Questions Use of Welsh Language in the NHS

BMA-nhsThe use of the Welsh language in the NHS is being considered as a waste of health money by the British Medical Association, a recent report has uncovered.

A Welsh government consultation, dubbed More Than Just Words, was held so as to have a discussion the use of the language. It was then said by the association that the NHS should not make it a priority to use the language when providing healthcare.

The statement was made on the fact that the same could hamper the recruitment process. It would not allow many doctors to apply for a job in Wales, particularly in north Wales, if they do not know the language.

While the BMA says that money should only be spent on healthcare services, the Welsh Language Society opposes the same. According to it, if healthcare is not provided in Welsh language, it would be equivalent to provision of a bad service.

But Dr. Phil White, a spokesman for the BMA said, "Though we are in favour of the Welsh language and its use everywhere where it's appropriate, we think that using healthcare money to promote the language is not the best use of that money".

However, a solid conclusion was not made and the Welsh government declared the welcome of any further comments on the consultation.