Wellington Regional Public Health Wants Stricter Smoking Ban

Wellington Regional Public Health Wants Stricter Smoking BanAs per reports, it has been revealed that Wellington Regional Public Health is urging council members to move a step forward in smoking ban. It has already suggested the Porirua City Council to ban smoking at all public places, including all beaches, sports fields, outdoor dining spaces and also places, where public events are organized.

It has been reported that eight Wellington region councils will be submitted such recommendations, which will be considered as long-term plans, this submission is stated to be the first, which the Regional Public Health stated should be brought into action.

Tobacco, alcohol, and drug team leader Kristen Foley said, “This is a practical thing councils can do to strengthen the Government’s drive to make New Zealand smoke free by 2025”.

Moreover, he asserted that the act will even lead to a less number of people falling into the habit of smoking; rather, it is being believed that it will help people quit smoking and will also discourage the use of tobacco amongst people.

Nevertheless, it will even save young generation from falling into the habits of smoking. It has been emphasized that such bans are necessary to demolish smoking. Previous reports, suggest that an initiative led to ban on smoking in pubs.