Timely Treatment is Vital in High BP And Cholesterol Cases

Timely Treatment is Vital in High BP And Cholesterol CasesAccording to the British Heart Foundation, it has been revealed that 33% people having high cholesterol do not take action on right time to improve their health. Resultant of which, their condition deteriorates and they can either suffer from heart attack and stroke.

The foundation further affirmed that having high cholesterol and high blood pressure are two main reasons for having heart attack and strokes. It then becomes very important that as soon as people get to know about their condition, they should start their medication.

Avoiding medication is the biggest mistake of life. In order to make realize people, the British Heart Foundation is going to launch a campaign, which will feature comedian Tommy Cooper, who lost his life after having heart attack.

Main aim of the campaign will be to encourage people to take drugs on time. Neal Patel, from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, was of the view, "Heart attacks and strokes are life changing, but we know that by taking blood-pressure and cholesterol drugs people can reduce their risk of these events substantially”.

He further affirmed that there are chances that people do not feel that medicines are working, but in reality they are reducing the chance of stroke and heart attack.