Investigation on into Alina Sarag’s Death

HospitalThe Heart of Birmingham Primary Care Trust, which has investigated the issue of the death of a 15-year-old girl, Alina Sarag, says she could have been saved provided opportunities to diagnose her were not missed, a recent report has found.

While a previous examination of the matter had revealed that none of her caretakers had done a blunder. It has now been told by the team of investigators that doctors at Birmingham Children's Hospital oversaw a dreadful fault.

As per the findings, TB is often left undiagnosed at an appropriate stage and the same results in fatal consequences. The girl who had died due to tuberculosis (TB) in January 2011 also went through the same situation, it has been discovered.

She could have been alive if doctors had been more careful at every point, of which a point could have been the diagnosis of her illness. However, actions taken by them were not wrong, says the team, but some more actions were possible.

Dr. William Welfare, a consultant in public health, said that TB can only be treated if it is diagnosed at an early stage. A decision is yet to be made and the inquiry has been adjourned for next Friday to be held at Birmingham Coroner's Court in Sutton Coldfield, the report finds.