Focus Not on What but When to Eat, Says Study

Focus Not on What but When to Eat, Says StudyA report on causes of obesity has revealed that while the number of calories is thought to be the main reason behind the same, it is often determined by the time when those calories are taken.

The study was conducted on mice by a team of surveyors from the Salk Institute in California. It has led the team to the conclusion that it is nearly a wrong belief that eating all through a day leads to becoming overweight.

A number of mice were fed either by a high-fat diet or a standard diet, told the team. But the difference was that some of them were allowed to eat around the clock, while the others were made to eat within a limited time period.

Another two groups of mice were given a controlled diet, which included only 13% of fat. As per the findings, eating throughout the day resulted in disturbed nutrient sensors and disrupted metabolic pathways.

However, restricted eating helped in maintenance of health as well as better processing of the food by the body. "Our findings, however, suggest that regular eating times and fasting for a significant number of hours a day might be beneficial to our health", said Satchidananda Panda, Associate Professor in the Regulatory Biology Laboratory.