MPs Urge UK Government to Donate More to the Global Fund

Global-FundIt has been unfolded in a latest report that MPs have been urging the UK Government to aid the Global Fund with more money.

According to the report, the MPs say that the Fund has approved the funding worth £14.1bn nearly in 150 countries. It is being said that of the total funding, almost 65% is invested for the fight against malaria and TB, while a 21% share is used for fighting AIDS.

The Global Fund is aimed at collecting money for supporting patients of these illnesses, says the report. Also, a part is also invested for research into the same.

While ministers in the UK had previously also been requested to donate more money to the Fund, they did not do so. It has been found that they doubted the Fund as it was charged of being a fraud and a change of leadership.

However, it has now been announced by ministers that if the Fund's reform programme goes successfully, it would be funded by them. The government has promised an amount of £384m by 2015.

On the contrary, the committee chair, the Liberal Democrat MP Malcolm Bruce opposes the delay saying, "We strongly urge the Department for International Development to do all possible to commit funds earlier than 2013”.