Dementia Awareness Needs To Be Spread Further

DementiaIt has been recently revealed in a report that more and more people these days are worried about the impending danger of dementia on them. This has been revealed according to a research done by the Alzheimer’s Society and Saga Homecare, which are of the view that about 61% out of the total surveyed worry about the fact that they might be falling at the risk of contracting this disease with time and age.

It was, however, added that though many people are concede about it, those who want to learn about it and help in the prevention or cure of the same are very few. This calls for the need for more efforts to be made in the time to come, for the effective awareness to be spread for people to be able to understand and avoid this trouble in the time to come.

"Dementia is the biggest challenge facing the UK today, so it's not surprising that people are so worried. There is currently no cure and people aren't getting the care they deserve”, said Jeremy Hughes, Chief Executive of Alzheimer's Society.

It remains to be seen how these new efforts for spreading awareness shall help the general people in being able to avoid the disease.