How Has 140 Characters of Twitter Gripped People

TwitterSocial media has gripped the lives of many people. Nowadays, most of the people live their life online and sharing each and every moment of their lives, via messages, pictures or videos. With the advent of twitter, the life of most people has been restricted to 140 words. There are millions of tweets that are sent every day.

People have been hooked to this bug called twitter. Now a Queensland researcher Helen Partridge has taken it upon him-self to find out as to how and why this platform works other than for work and study. He is now seeking twitter addicts in Australia for the study.

Prof. Partridge said, “In so many ways, Twitter has been incorporated into people's lives. We are looking at everyday use. We want to find out about people's experiences in the Twittersphere, how are they using it, when and why”. She has been doing this study for over a year and was started while she was working at Oxford University's Internet Institute as a visiting fellow. She would now be seeking the Aussie prospective on this study. Participants would be interviewed and their tweets would be followed by the researchers for a week.