Chances of Heart Attacks Cut by Almost 50% by Having Sex Twice a Week

HeartAttacksA recent study has revealed that men who indulge in regular lovemaking, at least twice a week, end up cutting their chances of suffering a heart attack by 45%, as compared to those who have sex about once a month or less.

The research included over 1,000 men and it was revealed that sex appears to act as offering a protective effect on the male heart, but whether or not does it have any effect on women has not been looked into.

American researchers who conducted the study are now urging doctors to screen men for sexual activity as well, when accessing their potential risk of suffering a heart disease.

Each year, an estimated 270,000 people across Britain suffer a heart attack, and cardiovascular diseases continue to be UK's biggest killer.

Although sex has been regarded as good for both physical and mental health, the study by scientists at the New England Research Institute in Massachusetts has been one of the few to stress that it has a beneficial effect on the heart as well.

Details of the research have been published in the American Journal of Cardiology.