Flu Shot Beneficial for Pregnant Women

Flu Shot Beneficial for Pregnant WomenIt is usually seems that most women are very wary if they have to get any drugs during pregnancy. This is due to the fact that there have been many cases where some complication arises in pregnancy, which could lead premature birth and even miscarriage in some cases.

But according to a study conducted by a team of Canadian researchers, the H1N1 swine flu shot given during pregnancy seems to lower risk of stillbirths or premature births. More over it also reduces the number of very small babies that are born. The study has been published in American Journal of Public Health.

The researchers came to this conclusion after observing 55,570 single-child births during the 2009-10. During the same period there was a H1N1 flu virus that was prevalent that led to many pregnant women getting shots.

The researchers found that the women, who had been vaccinated, were around a 33% less likely to have a stillborn baby. Moreover, there was also 33% less chance of a premature birth before 32 weeks, while 20% less likely to have a very small baby. The study also highlighted that the vaccination also did not pose any side effects to the mother of the child.