Burj Khalifa to face uncertainties

Burj-KhalifaWorld's tallest tower-Burj Khalifa, previously known as Burj Dubai, has set a new record of architectural symbolism by formally opening on Monday. The skyscraper located at the busy Sheik Zayed Road, has 165 floors, reaching the height of 882 meters. It is not just structure but a full fledged building having office space, apartments and hotels that would add to the legacy of Emirates.

The tower, designed by Adrian Smith, a former partner in the Chicago office of Skidmore, cannot be compared with Toronto's CN tower which is, in fact, a free standing structure but is not regarded as a building despite a height of 555 metres.

The trend of skyscrapers started in North America and Europe to Asia and the Middle East now with the launch of Burj Khalifa. However, the timing of its launch cannot be justified given to the hard economic conditions the oil rich Emirates have been facing in the wake of global financial crisis and Dubai World crisis.

The iconic Burj, developed by Emaar Properties, has failed to attract investors and most of its apartments have been lying vacant due to lack of demand.