Chocolate Slows Ageing Process

Chocolate Slows Ageing ProcessAs per a recent UK research, it has been revealed that having chocolates can slow down the ageing process. The research was taken out by a group of researchers at biotechnology specialist Lyotec in Cambridge.

They were of the view that they have used chocolate as a technology as an anti-ageing treatment. Lycotec founder Dr. Ivan Petyaev said they added Coco-Lycosome to the chocolate, which helped the body to absorb more flavanol molecules.

These molecules help the skin to absorb more oxygen, which further delays the ageing process. "Now everyone can benefit from the intrinsic values of cocoa flavanols without compromising their health and habits”, said Ivan.

Ivan said they are ready with this new chocolate, which has the same taste of rich cocoa. He further affirmed that it is very important that more food products should come, which have flavonols. There are a lot of vegetables and fruits, which can become a rich source of flavonols.

It should be considered that chocolate is quite high in saturated fat and sugar. This is the reason that one should consume only the recommended amount and not more than that as it is considered to be one of the main reasons for obesity.