Beware of Black Ticks! They May Cause Lyme disease

TicksBeware of these black ticks, they may cause Lyme disease. As per recent reports, it has been declared that Minnesota was registered with a record-breaking 1,293 cases of Lyme disease during the year 2010. Since then, May was termed to be Lyme Disease Awareness Month.

It has been explained that Lyme disease is carried by Eastern black-legged tick, or the deer tick. These ticks have the potential to survive harsh winters and become active as soon as the weather becomes warms; say near about 38 degrees temperature.

First most case of Lyme disease was administered in US in 1975; people were majorly affected by arthritis near Lyme, Conn. It has been warned that this disease is majorly diagnosed in residents of Northeast and the upper Midwest.

It has been concerned that these ticks are very small; rather, when they are in their larvae or lymph stage, they are much smaller. And mostly ticks bite people when they are in their nymph stage.

Patrick Guilfoile, an Interim Associate Vice President at Bemidji State University with a doctorate in bacteriology, said, “The nymphs are generally active from May to the end of June or beginning of July”.

However, he warned that this year, weather started warming up with the start of spring season only. Hence, these ticks became active by March.