UK’s People Harass Epilepsy Patients

UK’s People Harass Epilepsy PatientsIt has been revealed in a report by Glasgow-based Quarriers that patients of epilepsy often have to go through biased behaviour by people around.

The group that works with disabled people has claimed that patients suffering common neurological conditions are often afraid of going out of their homes. They have a fear in their mind that they will be disparaged by passers-by.

A survey was conducted by the team, which enrolled 505 people with epilepsy in the UK. All the participants were asked what they feel. And it was found that two-thirds of them were concerned that people would attack or film them if they would have a seizure.

It has been found by the researchers that these people are often also accused of cheating or exaggerating a seizure in public and the same lowers their confidence level. Gerard Gahagan, head of clinical services at the charity, has thus concluded that people's attitude has not changed since centuries.

"It appears we are stuck in the dark ages when it comes to how we treat those who suffer from one of the most common neurological conditions. These attitudes simply have to change - and fast", said he.