Monthly Medication against Malaria during Rainy Reason Can Bring Huge Changes

Monthly Medication against Malaria during Rainy Reason Can Bring Huge ChangesFindings in a recent research have proposed that giving children medication once a month to combat malaria during rainy season, can decrease the number of deaths encountered each year due to the disease in Africa. It has been estimated that about 80% of malaria cases can be prevented by giving these doses during wet seasons.

Moreover, a team of scientists administered that such a strategy will even help save lives of travelers, who visit areas affected by outbreak of malaria.

This would protect lives of travelers. It was discovered that a step like this could bring about a major change and improve health of public.

Statistical reports suggest that this type of treatment for travelers could help curb 11million cases and 50,000 annual deaths in Africa.

Moreover, it is being believed that if strategy is brought into action, then there will be even no need of anti-insecticides and bed nets, which at present are the only defense against controlling the risk of contracting malaria.

Prof Sir Brian Greenwood, who led the study at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said: "Excitingly, this is something that is available to put into action immediately, so children will start to benefit from this approach now rather than in three or five years' time".