Women Demand Inquiry into PIP Implants

PIP-ImplantsIt has been found through a recent report that women who had received now outdated faulty breast implants have decided to meet Health Secretary so as to urge him to conduct a public inquiry into the issue.

The report finds that breast implants manufactured using substandard silicone by now obsolete French company Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) were received almost by 47,000 British women. Thousands of women had suffered a rupture and swelling in the body due to the same.

While the inquiry held in the country previously has helped them with compensation or so, but women want to know the next step. It is being said that the information is still incomplete.

Thus, campaigners at Holyrood have been asking Nicola Sturgeon and Scottish Government to support thousands of women sufferers in Scotland. The inquiry’s demand is the result of failure of the UK Government to answer each and every question related to the scandal.

"The victims of this scandal have been living a nightmare since finding out that what's inside them could be dangerous. The least we're owed is a transparent, independent and full public inquiry into this nightmare", says Trisha Devine, Spokeswoman for the PIP Implants Scotland campaign group.