New Procedure May Help Scan Genetic Disorders

New Procedure May Help Scan Genetic DisordersA study conducted by a team of researchers at the University of Washington, Seattle, which is published in the journal Science Translational Medicine, has paved a way to development of a time when non-invasive prenatal screening for genetic disorders would be possible.

The same is being hoped following the development of technique to reconstruct the genome of a Gujarati woman by the team. It is being said that the invasive procedures, which involve inserting a needle into the womb for removal of amniotic fluid sample containing fetal genetic material, risk women to experience a miscarriage.

But, the new method is simple and helps reconstruction of a full genome of a foetus and could be an alternative. The group claims that sooner an era will come that would allow parents to know the entire DNA blueprint of their child months before his birth.

It is being said that a single non-invasive test would allow the scan of 3,000 single-gene disorders.

"A non-invasive procedure of this type would hopefully be available more widely, even to those who lack access to specialized care required to safely carry out the procedure like amniocentesis", affirmed Jacob Kitzman, a graduate research fellow.