Organ Donation Is Safe

Organ-DonationWhile there is no doubt on the relevance of organ donation, there is need for more and more people to come forward to do the same. On the same lines, Johan Stegers, from Uckfield, has become the 100th person in the UK to do the same with no inherent intention. Such selfless act is being appreciated by one and all and it even makes others to realize the importance about how a small move from their side can change one’s life.

“It is human nature to want to help if you can. Speaking for myself, and maybe for other single people, we are maybe a good source of donors to strangers”, said the 49-year-old donor, whose two friends and cousin had faced such transplants.

It was in the year 2007 that the first ever altruistic kidney donation took place and since then, there have been so many people who came out to follow the suit. There is need for people to understand that organ donation is safe enough and there are no long term side effects on the same.

Apparently, as much as 93% living kidney transplants are still fine after the first year of the transplant as compared to 88% of those who took the organ from a dead donor.