Indian cabin crew welcomed by Emirates

In an exact opposite move from the Indian air-carriers, which presently are more focused on cutting the staff; Dubai-based international airline Emirates announced today that it would recruit more staff and would be glad to hire more Indians as cabin crew in its international operations.

Emirates Airline Vice-President (India and Nepal) Orhan Abbas, informed, "There would be no job cuts. In fact we are looking for more staff. We will be happy to recruit more Indians as cabin crew."

Presently, in its global operations, the carrier has nearly 10,000 cabin crew, out of which 8 to 10 % are Indians. Abbas added, "Indians are very educated, intelligent and hardworking. We are looking forward to taking more Indians in our expansion plans."

When Abbas was asked to comment on the move taken by the Indian Carriers to reduce their staff due to increase in expenses and specifically in aviation fuel, he refused to say anything.

All he said was, "The global financial crisis has affected everyone, Emirates, too. But we are taking measures to face it."