Doctors Oppose the Practice of Boarding

Doctors Oppose the Practice of BoardingAs per recent reports, it has been revealed that doctors have warned that practice of boarding is leaving an adverse effect on lives of patients; it is putting many lives at risk.

It has been explained that boarding is a practice of transferring patients from special wards to other wards. Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh (RCPE) suggests that the practice of boarding instead of doing any good is reducing the quality of care patients avail, thereby increases their stay at the hospital.

Rather, doctors have claimed that the practice is unacceptable and is also putting life of the patients at risk. However, it has been exclaimed that the practice has now become a standard in Scottish hospitals.

Findings of a survey carried out last months, suggest that approximately 80% of doctors claimed that boarding is practiced all year round, while half of them stated that it had taken place since the past few weeks.

Further, 71% affirmed that practice of boarding is increasing, while 99% admitted that the practice deteriorates the quality of care.

Nevertheless, 95% believed that the practice increases the stay of patients at the hospital and 68% emphasized that it increased mortality rates and also had negative impact on health of patients.