Study Aims At Encouraging Older People to Quit Smoking

Quit-SmokingFindings in a recent report proposed that it is never too late for a smoker to quit smoking. Rather, it has been suggested that smokers, who quit smoking live longer than those, who don’t quit smoking even till the end.

The report emphasized that quitting the habit can be done at any age; one should not make age as a hurdle in the way to quit smoking.

It has been revealed that this is the first ever study, which has summarized findings of other 17 studies to acknowledge the link between smoking and higher mortality rates especially in older generation people.

German researchers recently published in Archives of Internal Medicine that the findings of the report can help raise calls for special programs to introduce effective preventive measures to help smokers aged 60 and above quit smoking.

The researchers, led by Dr. Hermann Brenner of the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg, emphasized that even older people, who smoked for their lifetime, without facing any negative health consequences should be urged to quit smoking.

They said, “We found that smokers 60 years and older were 83 % likely to die at any given age compared with people who never smoked. While the link was weaker in the oldest people, it remained considerable even in those aged 80 and over”.