Britons Sleep More than Germans: Study

SleepA team of researchers from the University of Oxford has found that it is because of the sleeping patterns followed by Britons that make them lag behind Germans to get their towels down on sunloungers, says a recent report.

It has been told by the team that Germans get up early from their bed, while Britons are lazy in this context and thus, Germans tend to start their work half an hour earlier.

Certainly, a majority of Britons remain in tune with their bodies and have less social jetlag, but the waking time of Germans help them to assure their flexible work start times. The findings are based on a study conducted by Professor Russell Foster and colleagues on sleep patterns of a total of 75,000 Germans and Britons.

It is being said that while Germans are efficient, Britons are creative. Though they take a sleep of almost seven hours and 21 minutes a night and start work at around 9 am. Also, the team has found that chronotypes i. e. if one is a morning or an evening person, on the other hand, were equal in both the countries.

But, in a way, Germans are at risk of more stress thus leading to smoking habits, which are less found in Brits, the report concludes.