Consume Only the Squid’s Muscle If You Want

Consume Only the Squid’s Muscle If You WantA new study published in the Journal of Parasitology has revealed that consumption of a squid can be an extremely awful experience. It is being said by researchers that the organism can inseminate the mouth, causing severe pain.

While a previous report had also revealed that a raw squid eaten by a person caused sperm stings in his mouth, it has been found for the very first time that a cooked squid caused a pricking sensation in the oral cavity of the mouth of a woman who ate the parboiled one.

It has been found that small bug-like spindle-shaped organisms, twelve in number, were produced in her mouth. Also, doctors have identified these are not organisms with eyes, exoskeletons or legs, but are squid spermatophores.

The team from American Society of Parasitologists says that the spermatophore is a cup of semen, which includes an ejaculatory apparatus having the ability to forcefully eject the sperm mass.

Since it has not been found how these implant themselves into skin, it is being said that one should avoid putting spermatophores in the mouth. Experts have been suggesting that only the muscle of a squid should be served after removal of its internal organs.