BMI Fails To Identify Obese Children

BMI Fails To Identify Obese ChildrenFindings in a recently released official statistics claim that a majority of children aged between two and 15 are obese. It has been warned that three in 10 children of the age group are overweight.

It has been reported that the statistics are based on calculations made by different schools on basis of BMI standards. The measurement for BMI include a person weight is kilograms, which is divided by square of the height in meters. The measurement is then compared with BMI standards as per their age to administer whether they are obese or not.

However, experts have claimed that BMI standards cannot be looked upon as the last option to acknowledge obesity, as the technique has failed to determine, which specific area of the body of a child carries the maximum weight.

Rather, in case obesity was calculated using waist circumference and BMI, the statistics changed from three to four out of ten children being obese.

However, the experts have proposed that fat stored at the waistline is the worst of all, as it poses risk of development of type-2 diabetes and this factor is not highlighted by BMI.

Further, out of 14,500 children examined using BMI, waist circumference and waist to hip ratio, it was discovered that BMI failed to identify 6% of boys and 15% of girls as obese.