People Take Legal Action over Legionellosis Outbreak

People Take Legal Action over Legionellosis OutbreakRecently there was a huge outbreak of Legionellosis in Edinburg which is a potentially fatal infectious disease caused by gram negative, aerobic bacteria belonging to the genus Legionella. The outbreak led to the death of two people. There were also many who were thought to have contacted the disease somehow. Those five people are now taking some legal action as to what went wrong.

They have hired a law firm Irwin Mitchell in that matter. Even after a lot of assurances from the health authorities that they are doing as much as they can in order to curb the situation, but still there were 41 confirmed cases and 48 suspected cases. However after so many days the health authorities who abve been investigating the issue trying to find the source has come out with an improvement notice on the National Museum of Scotland. The notice is related to the training issues of the staff rather than the operation of cooling towers.

It was earlier being speculated that the cooling towers could be source of the disease, but later found out that it was not the case. A 56 year old man from Seafield area named Robert Air was the3 first person to die from the disease.