Doomsday Hovers over Kiwifruit Growers

Doomsday Hovers over Kiwifruit GrowersThe Kiwifruit industry has been hit very hard due to destructive bacteria Psa, which has led to many growers facing an uncertain future. They have now been forced to make the toughest decision that they could ever make and cut out the vulnerable gold kiwifruit vines that have been the industry's stellar performer. Moreover, they would then have to invest again in a new variety, which might also end up in the same fashion.

There are many people who have poured their hearts and souls in this industry and would lose all their savings. If a person works his whole life to achieve something only t find out that they have to give it up to start afresh, then there is nothing more tormenting than that.

The wines are like babies to these growers, who would now have to cut down the thing that they grew with their own hands. The heart of a grower breaks on thinking that there is nothing that they can do in order to stop it.

Mat and Kris Johnston are among hundreds of other Bay of Plenty kiwifruit growers that are living in fear that they have the same thing coming towards them.