Judge Rules Out Life-Saving Treatment for Anorexia Woman

Judge-RulesAs per recent reports, it has been revealed that a woman, whose condition has worsened due to anorexia, will be fed forcefully. It has been reported that the decision was rolled out yesterday by a judge of High Court.

Previous reports suggest that it has been almost a year that the woman has not eaten anything due to the condition. As per measurements, the 32-year-old former medical student has BMI of 11.3, which is 8.7 measures less than the healthy limit of 20.

However, Mr. Justice Peter Jackson in the Court of Protection, last week subjected ruled out that the woman will be given life-saving treatment, despite being against desires of both the woman and even her family.

Moreover, Mr. Jackson affirmed that he will not handle such wills again, if mental stability of the person filing the case is not proper, that is such a case will not be considered until and unless it has been accompanied with consent of a doctor.

Paul Bowen, QC, of Doughty Street Chambers, who acted for the local authority in the case, said of the ruling: “It should be a word of caution to people who suffer from conditions that can deprive them of capacity, where it fluctuates”.