Children’s Minister Raises Concern over Child Runaways

Children’s Minister Raises Concern over Child RunawaysAs per recent reports, it has been revealed that children's minister has raised concerns over poor care system of England highlighted by a report. Children's Minister Tim Loughton exclaimed that children's care homes are failing to do their duties properly, as a consequence cases of child runaway are on a rise.

Investigation into the matter commissioned by MPs affirmed that when young children are subjected to live in care homes, away from their own home and family, this discourages them and hence, they take up the step of leaving the care home and thus are putting themselves at a high risk of being a victim of sexual abuse.

However, the MPs have requested that further investigations should be carried out and each of the care homes should be investigated separately.

Corresponding to the requests, Mr. Loughton assured that major steps will be taken up soon and that he will see to it that the investigation is carried out properly.

Sources have recovered that all-party parliamentary groups have criticized over the increasing issue of care given to children and increasing cases of runaways. Moreover, they have pointed out care homes, which is responsible for care given to 5,000 of 65,000.

The report said, "The system of residential care is not fit for purpose for children who go missing".