Reoviruses Can Lead To Many Advanced Cancer Treatments

Reoviruses Can Lead To Many Advanced Cancer TreatmentsThere is a lot of buzz that is going on the field of cancer treatments. With the latest discovery in which researchers found that viruses can hide from the immune system by riding on the back of blood cells. By this way they can target cancers without any hindrance. This discovery can lead to a lot of treatments for cancer.

The virus in question is Reoviruses and there has been a lot of contention on it. Many experts have a view that it holds the key to more advanced treatments of cancer, due to its ability to hide from immune system and the way it only target tumor cells.

But it was earlier speculated that before they can prove to be any effective, these viruses can get killed by the immune system. But the joint study by the researchers at University of Leeds and The Institute of Cancer Research has come out with the results that depict ability of these viruses to target cancer without any hindrance.

According to Dr. Julie Sharp, senior science information manager at Cancer Research UK, who was a part of the study, "This promising study shows that reovirus can trick the body's defenses to reach and kill cancer cells and suggests that it could be given to patients using a simple injection".