Study Puts Onus on Music Videos Depicting Alcohol

Study Puts Onus on Music Videos Depicting AlcoholAlcohol abuse among teenagers is an issue that is causing deaths across the globe. The biggest reason for the rise in number of these cases can be put on various social aspects that can range from advertisement, friend circle, peer pressure and even curiosity.

But researchers from the University of Otago, Wellington, have come up with a study that states that the videos that show alcohol in them like Rnb music and rap music, have a drastic effect on teenagers living in New Zealand.

There have been earlier studies which have depicted that drinking alcohol and smoking which is prevalent in movies and music video, tend to depict that it is cool to do such things. So teenagers who have curious minds get divulged in these acts.

The study also urges some action to be taken which would curb the amount of alcohol drinking that is shown on these videos. During their research, the researchers observed over 564 videos that were on air on TV channels like Juice, C4, and TV2 in 2005. They then took into account 861 videos that aired on Juice in 2010. They found that there was an increase in the number of videos that depicted alcohol, which can be a reason behind alcohol abuse.