Rare Rowis Spotted In North Island

Rare Rowis Spotted In North IslandFor the first time in more than a century, there has been a rare sighting of rowi in the North Islands. The species is part of the Brown Kiwi complex and it's the rarest form of kiwi in the world. It is found in a restricted area of the Okarito forest on the West Coast of New Zealand's South Island and has a population of about only 300 birds.

There were a total of 20 Rowi birds seen near Wellignton. It is being speculated that they had come here to form a new colony. Some Rowi birds even go on to live 100 years, which is very peculiar.

During the pre-European times, Rowis wiped out from south of the Tararua ranges, and since there hasn't been a single sighting of the bird in the area. It is being said that during the time of spring in 2010, the Department of Conservation (DOC) had removed 20 Rowi eggs, from Okarito forest. These birds have been hatched from those same eggs that were kept in predator-free Motuara Island in the Marlborough Sounds.

As there is less human habitation in the area, the Rowi birds would be able to breed properly and their even decreasing number would again go up.