Two More Confirmed Cases of Legionnaires’ disease

Two More Confirmed Cases of Legionnaires’ diseaseDespite health experts claiming that worst of Legionnaires' outbreak is over, two more new cases of the disease have been tested positive. It has been reported that the total number of confirmed cases has reached 91.

Health experts have affirmed that both the patients were sick from some time and they were even suspected to have contracted the disease.

Even after the outbreak led to death of two men and eight still being treated in intensive care units, experts have asserted that the situation is under control.

Dr. Duncan McCormick, consultant in public health at NHS Lothian stated that these confirmed cases have been administered in the last 24 hours.

However, Dr. McCormick said, "This does not mean these new patients have been newly infected with disease but are still part of the original outbreak and tie in with the expected incubation period of between two and 14 days".

He assured that they are still keeping a check over all services and even the overall scenario and also illustrated that even people who are looking out for treatments or concerns have shown a significant decline in the past few days. NHS even set up a helpline to assist people with any queries regarding the outbreak.