Distracted Mind Makes a Person Deaf and Blind for a Moment

Distracted Mind Makes a Person Deaf and Blind for a MomentFindings in a recent research have proposed that when people are too focused to converse, they fail to hear other sounds.

Researchers of the study claimed that when the attention of a person is somewhere else, at that moment of time they are unable to hear clearly audible sounds even.

The experiment dubbed `silent gorilla' conducted by the team of researchers from Royal Holloway, University of London, proposed that when a person's brain is distracted, they become deaf as well as blind.

A study previously conducted, similar to this one, showed that no one spotted a man in gorilla suit, when it walked cross a busy basketball game.

However, for this study, participants were told to hear two different conversations between two different groups of two men and two women. During the time, when volunteers were busy concentrating on the conversations, a gorilla man emerged and constantly stated `I'm a gorilla man' for 19 seconds.

Those of the participants, who were busy focusing on men's conversation, were able to spot the phrase, but in the other case, where participants were busy hearing women's conversation, they could not detect the gorilla man.

Psychologist Polly Dalton said, "Most of us would admit that eavesdropping can be engrossing. But we might not realize just how much of our attention it commands".