Alzheimer’s Society Training Programme in Care Homes to Rein in Use of Antipsychotic Prescriptions

Alzheimer-SocietyIn the wake of controlling the use of antipsychotics for dementia patients, a programme has been kick started. The programme is reported to be backed by the Department of Health and the HC-One care home group.

There would be some 10 care homes across the UK which would be covered under the Alzheimer’s Society training programme. It has been found that there are many patients who are being given such drugs which are not even required which makes their condition all the more complicated. Keeping the gravity of the same in mind, efforts are being made in the project which has received some £100,000 .

“The Prime Minister’s Dementia Challenge has set out the coalition’s plans to make the UK a world leader in dementia care. Projects such as FITS will be vital to achieving that”, said Paul Burstow, Care Services Minister, while claiming that there are high expectations that use of antipsychotics in care homes would be controlled with this project.

There is need for such steps to be taken to make sure dementia patients are being given the best possible treatment under any condition. Such steps must be taken often as consistent efforts are need of the hour.