Health Chiefs Remove Sex Performance Drug for Males

Health Chiefs Remove Sex Performance Drug for MalesIt has been revealed in a new report that some sex performance drugs have been removed off the prescription list by Health Canada, which fears these can cause life-threatening hazards.

The drugs are sold by Ontario as well as online, the report finds. An inquest into the sales of such drugs has found that these contain a component that can be risky for men with heart diseases.

The investigation has revealed that dimethylhomosildenafil-like drug in medications such as Natural Vigor Maximum is very similar to drug sildenafil, which risks heart patients.

It is being said that companies like Herb Vitamin in Mississauga, Magic Health in Toronto and Smart Health Products Inc. in Markham and others largely sell these at shelves as well as online. However, medicines at stores may be trusted, but online products are often false.

While these may sound as much beneficial, the health experts say that they often are very different from the information on their labels. Also, these may contain additional fatal contents which are never mentioned.

"Canadians should be especially careful when purchasing health products online, particularly from sites that offer to provide prescription drugs without requiring you to be seen in-person by a healthcare professional", says Health Canada.