60,000 Abu Dhabi buildings to get water saving device

waterIn order to decrease the emirate's water consumption in Abu Dhabi, around 55,000 homes and 5,000 public buildings will be fitted with a water saving device.

As per the report in the National, by now more than 300 mosques have been fitted with the gadget, which can reduce the flow of water from 12 litres a minute to three litres.

One of the highest per-capita water-consumption rates in the world is held by the UAE, which also has reliance on desalination plants. This indicated that the country has a large carbon footprint to match.

The paper reported, “Environment Agency-Abu Dhabi (EAD) figures estimate each resident uses an average of 550 litres of water per day, compared to people living in Jordan who use just 85 litres a day. Residents in the US, a country with far greater water resources, use 485 litres a day.”

The EAD’s secretary general, Majid al Mansouri told that this average usage figure accounts for only 40 percent of Abu Dhabi’s total water consumption, and does not include water used for agriculture and landscaping.

Dr. Mohammed Dawoud, the manager of the water-resources department at the EAD, explained, “The plan to retrofit 60,000 buildings with water-saving devices is a dramatic change which will affect the whole water cycle.”

The plan along with saving water at the tap will also protect energy and costs would be involved in the desalination process.