Moderate Drinking Good for Health, Says Study

Moderate Drinking Good for Health, Says StudyFor past many years, researchers have been studying the pros and cons of alcohol over the health quality of a person. Recently, the researchers of the US conducted a study, in which it was found that few glasses of wine in middle age can improve the quality of life, significantly. Hence, wine is believed to be good for health.

The research was conducted by the researchers of Boston University School of Medicine. About 5,404 adults took part in the study. The participants of the study were asked to indulge into moderate drinking for a particular time frame.

During the follow-ups, it was found that those who drank moderately scored better in the Health Utilities Index as compared to those who drank lavishly. The author of the study, said, "Overall, this study shows a positive relation between regular moderate alcohol intake and quality of life in middle-aged adults".

Although the researchers have found a link between moderate drinking and quality of life, further research is required to be conducted. Further researches would be conducted to gauge the reasons behind moderate drinking promoting quality of life. It has been informed that the subjects of the study were middle aged.