Welsh Government Denies Selling Medicines Overseas

PharmacyWhile there was so much being said about medicines sold to other countries, Welsh government claimed that this report is completely false. With drug shortage haunting the government, this report has certainly made things all the more difficult for them to manage. It’s believed that to ramp up profits, government might be exporting drugs to other countries.

It was claimed that by MP Huw Irranca-Davies that patients in 80% of health trusts in England and Wales are finding it a lot difficult to get hold of life-saving medicines. However, Russell Goodway, chief executive of Community Pharmacy Wales, has denied such reports.

"It goes without saying there is a shortage of product. A quota is where the manufacturer estimates on historic data what a pharmacy will need in order to supply their patients”, said Mr. Goodway, while British government used to get medicines from Greece and Spain, and European Union countries. However, things have changed a lot now and constraints like exchange rate, shortage of drugs etc play their own role.

Nonetheless, the government, which has come under scanner after these reports, has assured that they are keen to work along with the Department of Health to deal with the issues in hand.