“2009” Pandemic H1N1 Flu was Highly Lethal, study shows

H1N1-FluSwine Flu is known to be 21st century's most aggressive pandemic because the actual number of deaths caused by this H1N1 in its first year (2009-2010) was badly soaring.

According to a joint report of US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Atlanta and All India Institute of Medical Sciences, (AIIMS), Delhi, the actual number of deaths caused by H1N1 pandemic flu is around 15 times higher than the number of deaths confirmed in laboratory.

During that lethal year, the laboratory-confirmed H1N1-deaths were 18,500 whereas, in actual, this death ratio was anywhere between 1.51 lakh and 5.75 lakh.

As revealed by this study, maximum H1N1 deaths occurred in people younger than 65 years. Another important to note information is that the areas that were badly hit by this virus were south-east Asia and Africa. These continents constitute 38% of the world's population.

As said by the scientists, "China and India, where about a third of the world's population live have garnered little information about the burden of influenza".

In India, respiratory and cardiovascular problems were known to have the highest death rate but after the outbreak of this influenza H1N1 per 100 000 individuals, the ratio has increased by 4.1-6 per 100,000 population.