Care Centres 'Failing' To Deliver The Best

Care Centres 'Failing' To Deliver The BestIt seems that it would take some time more before essential standards’ of quality and safety are achieved by all health and social care providers. In a recent report by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), it has been found that more than one in four health and social care providers have failed to achieve the set standards.

The claim was made after unannounced inspections of 14,000 health and social care providers in England were made, thereby leading 3,687 organisations to get scathing remarks for poor services. there were some which were told to close their centres, some were directed to make significant improvements.

Among all the issues faced by patients, it has been found that mismanagement of medicines, , staffing numbers and record keeping were the most prominent. It was claimed that one in 10 organisations could not achieve the desired staffing levels and some 15% failed miserably poor record keeping. "Our inspectors are seeing a worrying number of examples where safe management of medicines is being compromised, often by a lack of information given either to those taking the medicines, or those caring for them”, said the authors, while making it clear that there is dire need to take steps so that things become a lot more comfortable and livable for millions of patients.