Gloucestershire's A&E Departments under Scanner

Gloucestershire's A&E Departments under ScannerLong waiting hours at the Gloucestershire's A&E departments have attracted criticism from the experts. It has been reported that a meeting would be held tomorrow to discuss the working of the Gloucestershire’s A&E departments.

Board members of Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust have asked authorities to help them in reducing the waiting hours. The Intensive Support Team was contacted by the board members to research as to how the working of the A&E departments can be improved.

It has come to light that the emergency department is failing to provide care to 95% of the emergency cases. Last year, the department was able to provide treatment to just 92.8% of the emergency cases. A meeting is due to be held in which the authorities will sort out ways of improving the services of the emergency department.

Long waiting period could be a sign of lack of staffing. In the up-coming meeting, it is hoped that additional recruitment of medical staff would be suggested. While commenting upon waiting period, Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero said, “Waiting times are so important and we all want our loved ones to be treated as quickly as possible, so this steep rise must be extremely worrying for the Government”.